Each Tepotztli piece is individually handcrafted one piece at a
time by artisans in Sierra Madre Mountains , a communities
located high in the Sierra Madres Occidental of Southwestern
Mexico. Tepotztli represent the finest art of Mexican copper
making, celebrating the Purepecha Empires way of copper making.


The art work that we provide are not only just beautiful and handmade from scratch. They are a result of our passion and creativity, the very core of true craftsmanship. In our job we do not only devote ourselves to our customers with high quality, we want to give them something else that’s much more precious, A feeling. A symbol. Something to grow with. Something to stand for. A source of wisdom and strength, deeper connection with our art pieces and designs.A thought that resonates fuly with its bearer. Something more than just tools…

Every Tepotztli piece is handled numerous times by various artists. Our artists has imparted to it all the good vibes and blessings possible for a each and every piece so lovingly created. Each piece will be unique and one-of-a-kind. That is the beauty of owning an artisan handmade copper bar tools.

We are making hand-hammered recycled copper pieces since decades, each piece is still individually handcrafted by our artisans in southwestern Mexico according to a 1,000-year-old method.

Few people understand the skills and attention to detail involved in the traditional craft of hand engraving. It is a diverse craft with a long history that is intrinsically entwined with human culture. Historically hand engraving has been used in both practical and decorative applications.

Most of our designs are inspired by Nature, but also with a special feeling and emotion of the particular artists creating them. We want our pieces to be something more than just a beautiful. We want to give them a meaning and a purpose that the user can feel, relate to and embrace.