We are making hand-hammered recycled copper pieces since decades; each piece is still individually handcrafted by our artisans in southwestern Mexico according to a 1,000-year-old method.
Hand-hammered copperwork is a time-honored artisanal practice that embodies a profound connection between craftsman and material. Through deliberate and rhythmic hammer strikes, artisans coax raw copper into exquisite forms, reflecting both technical skill and a deep respect for tradition. This ancient method transcends mere craftsmanship, symbolizing a philosophy of symbiosis with nature and a pursuit of excellence. Each piece crafted bears the imprint of centuries-old techniques, blending practical utility with a timeless aesthetic that speaks to the enduring human quest for beauty and mastery.

The ancient art of hand engraving

Few people understand the skills and attention to detail involved in the traditional craft of hand engraving. It is a diverse craft with a long history that is intrinsically entwined with human culture. Copper hand engraving is a venerable artisanal practice that embodies a profound union of skill, precision, and artistic expression. Through meticulous use of engraving tools, artisans inscribe intricate designs and motifs onto copper surfaces, transforming raw metal into objects of enduring beauty and cultural significance.

Art of hand painting

Historically hand painting has been used in both practical and decorative applications. Most of our designs are inspired by Nature, but also with a special feeling and emotion of the particular artists creating them. We want our pieces to be something more than just beautiful. We want to give them a meaning and a purpose that the user can feel, relate to and embrace.